J.O.Y. Manifesto

The Journey Of You

In finding my J.O.Y. I refuse to be bound by someone else's story of limitation.
Instead I choose to live on my terms and to the best of my abilities.
I create my own path with intention and embrace the discipline and consistency to achieve success.
I conspire with the universe to manifest love, happiness, peace, prosperity, and joy.
I believe in community, respect and love.
I am inspired by those who go against the norm and build a legacy of value, truth and awareness.
I believe a healthy holistic lifestyle is key to living and not just surviving.
It's in the understanding of self that I navigate this world with fresh eyes.
I choose to let go of relationships, places and things that no longer serve me and my life.
I believe that being consciously aware is the way to live and not be influenced by circumstances that do not align with my existence.
To be true to myself is how I choose to live.